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Dear Friends,

I am writing to share with you some new opportunities that have opened to us here at Father’s Heart. Over the years our efforts to care for needy children have not gone unnoticed. Following our example, friends have launched ministries as well. Two have started orphanages, and two feeding programs. We are grateful for these partners in ministry.

One of these organizations has been very helpful to our purpose. They have become so successful they can now sponsor our entire Zambian child program.

After prayer, we felt the Lord saying this was a door leading us into new fields of service. We had successfully worked ourselves out of a job. The Lord was expanding us and we were free to pioneer new areas of need. Since then, we have passed through the door and it has opened into South Africa and Germany.

Zulu People
Our ten year relationship with native South African missionary Erlo Driemeyer is an obvious fit. His ministry is growing and touching the heart of the Zulu people of Swaziland, South Africa. The Zulu chief recently gave Erlo’s ministry, land to build a school and orphanage. The project is already in motion with two buildings in place. He and his team also train the community in Farming God’s Way. This method teaches godly principles for prosperous farming and recovery of the land from idolatry (see the video report on the home page). This is significant because the Zulu people have a deep history of witchcraft and idolatry contributing to their poverty. Erlo and his team, as well as the partners of Father’s Heart, are important for the future these people.

Middle Eastern People
Our second new field of service is in East Germany. We are assisting Gerhard Lewerenz and his team who are ministering to young Iranian, Afghan, and Iraqi refugees. These young people have fled for their lives. Germany has opened its doors to them though they are required to become Christians before they can gain legal status. Can you imagine that? (See video report on the home page).

Our experience with these young people tells us God is moving. Each one has a heart wrenching story of suffering and escape. They are vulnerable and open to the gospel. One showed us his knife scares inflicted by police because he was a Christian. These young people are looking for a life free from tyranny and we believe Father’s Heart can help. Some are Christians looking for asylum. This is a unique chance to touch the Middle East with the gospel by touching their youth.

The sensitive nature of the African Zulu and Middle Eastern peoples in a world linked at the hip by technology requires a new discretion in regard to public reporting; particularly photos and personal details. In response to this we have removed child photos from our public website adding a community view. We believe this is healthier and more manageable for our teams as well.

For those who sponsor children; we would like to apply all sponsorships to the orphan project among the Zulus. In the future you will receive updates on its progress. Also, if you or a team would like to visit or help build one of the homes, you would be welcomed.

If you have comments, or questions, please connect me- tomgriner@fhafrica.org.

Thank you for continuing with us as we touch the world with the Father’s heart.


Dr. Tom Griner
Father’s Heart International

P.S. Let us know if you would like to travel to Africa or Germany to minister with a team (or a team from your church) or to help build one of the orphan homes.

P.S.S. Good job partners! Last year you help build a new church and school debt free in Shantumbu, Africa; and you help feed and educate over a thousand children.

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