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Education plays a vital role in what we are doing here at Father's Heart. It goes beyond the wonderful, yet basic gift, that education gives each child we support, giving them a greater hope and opportunity for their futures. Education is also playing a crucial role in the elimination of a much bigger problem, and is the true catalyst behind a global movement to end Child Labor.

By attending school, children greatly increase their opportunities for the future, and can be the ultimate key for breaking cycles of both poverty and child labor. Through our Father’s Heart Education Programs, we are supporting both students and teachers to reshape Africa’s future.

In the African context the little things we so easily take for granted can make all the difference. Items like chalk, chalkboards, school books and pencils can totally change a child’s learning experience for the better. Desks can provide support and a helped sense of focus for the student who is accustomed to writing on their lap, the floor, or the wall of their classroom for backing.

Another important element of our education programs is to help provide students with school uniforms. In a world where many don’t have suitable clothing, uniforms give the students a sense of pride in their identity. And in many schools in Zambia, they are mandatory. Often children are unable to attend school for the simple fact that their family cannot afford uniforms! But we can change that. Through education, we can help reshape Africa's future!