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Refugees flee to Germany

Our second new field of service is in East Germany. We are partnering with Pastor Gerhard Lewerenz and his team who are ministering to young Iranian, Afghan, and Iraqi refugees. These young people have fled for their lives. Germany has opened its doors to them though they are required to become Christians before they can get legal status. Can you imagine that?

Our experience with these young people tells us God is moving. Each one has a heart wrenching story of suffering and escape. They are vulnerable and open to the gospel. One showed us his knife scares inflicted by police because he was a Christian. These young people are looking for a life free from tyranny and we believe Father’s Heart can help. Some are Christians looking for asylum. This is a unique chance to touch the Middle East with the gospel by touching their youth.

Pastor Gerhard and FHI president Tom Griner standing behind these young refugees from the Middle East. They prepared a dinner for us and conversed with us about religion.

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