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Targeting the Zulus of South Africa and Middle Eastern refugees in Germany.

Who We Are – Our Story

The ministry of Father’s Heart International was officially established in 2005, but the heart and story behind it began many years before. For Tom Griner, founder and director of Father’s Heart, the story began more than 30 years ago. Together with his wife, Kathie, they served as church planters in the USA and as missionaries to countries such as Russia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Ecuador, Brazil, and Jamaica It was during this time that the Lord put a dream and vision in their hearts for Africa and Europe.

It wasn't long until the vision became reality as Tom was boarding a flight headed for Lusaka, Zambia, on a trip that would be the beginning of many connections and opportunities in Africa. Over the years relationships were built and key partnerships were formed, with key men and women coming alongside the vision. From these relationships came a church planting movement, as a group of ousted pastor organized themselves into an association of churches, calling themselves the Bible Gospel Church in Africa – or BIGOCA for short. It was from the great need of this movement that the first pastor sponsorships began, as Tom rallied support from his friends and family in the United States to help sponsor these disenfranchised pastors and their families. This would also be the beginning of a partnership expressing itself as Father’s Heart Africa, an organization that would educate and feed hungry children, and sponsor new pastors in a quest to start new churches across Africa.

Over the years the Lord also continued to build a team by which the work could expand, adding to us wonderful men and women, like California locals Josef Rousek and his wife, Anne, without whom we would not be who we are today.

This is but a glimpse as to how the story unfolded. It would be nearly impossible to do justice the telling of a story that took many years to unfold, and try to put it onto one page!

In 2005 Tom published the book Wounded Continent, putting down in detail the life adventures that became the organization that Father’s Heart Africa is today. This story is one that is truly both remarkable and inspiring.

Book Wounded Continent